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Us Salon Studios provides professional move-in ready studios spaces to start your own business. Join a community dedicated to independence, advancement, and providing high-end personal and wellness services.

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We’re open to all backgrounds and professions, who are passionate for their own careers and independence. Go independent, be your own boss, and be part of the US Salon Studios community

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I’ve been at the US Salon Studios since the opening of the building. It has been my second home and a pleasure to work in the community that we have built in that building. I’ve been in the industry for 20 plus years and I have to say that the professionalism and the warm feeling you get just by entering, is the very best experience I’ve ever had over the years. If you’re looking to own your own business, US Salon Studios is the way to go.

Stephenie Guy, Owner, Sg's Hair Studio

Finding US Salon Studios has been a blessing. I am able to offer my clients an inviting, professional environment where they come to receive services that enhance their image and self esteem. As a professional in the cosmetic industry, the studio has given me an opportunity to meet other amazing colleagues and build a sense of community that is not easily found in the industry. I love the freedom, unity and ability to grow my business this space has offered me.

Cristian Reyes, Owner, Diamond Scalp Micropigmentation Studio

Signing my lease with US Salon Studios immediately eliminated the fear I had of starting my own business. While I am transitioning into becoming an independent stylist, I have never felt like I am on this journey alone. I am surrounded daily by creative, like-minded professionals who each bring their own perspective and unique talents to the shared atmosphere. As a result, I am continually inspired. As a single mother, I have finally been able to achieve confidence in my career and control over my financial security while having the flexibility to focus on a balance of personal and professional priorities. Owning a business at US Salon Studios has reignited my passion for working towards my goals and doing what I love to do for work!

Tara Dube, Owner, Provisions Studio

This is a wonderful place to rent, work, and get spa services. All your needs as a service provider are taken care of and the building is well kept. You get to be creative in your space, plus the community and extra help with plumbing, furnishing, painting etc of renting a suite. I also love how responsive Jerry is whenever I needed something installed or fixed. Great communication so that any concerns or issues that pop up are addressed, and you can get back to doing what you love to do.

Thanks for a great experience, Bert! I appreciate you.

Ebony Simon, Owner, Studio 124

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